Beachvolleyball Pty Ltd Beach Volleyball Camp

beachvolleyball pty ltd

Beachvolleyball Pty Ltd Beach Volleyball Camp

Beachvolleyball Pty Ltd offers beach volleyball courses which are designed to introduce you to the basic techniques and skills you need to enjoy beach volleyball. Their friendly professional instructors will guide you for 1.5 hours of lessons each week over the span of 6 weeks. These class courses are targeted to those that have never tried beach volleyball. As part of the course, you will play games and matches to practice your newly-learned skills, all while getting to know your fellow participants in a social casual atmosphere at Manly and Maroubra Beach in Australia. These courses are perfect for those who want to meet new people or would like to improve their lifestyle.

Beachvolleyball Pty Ltd Course Available

 beachvolleyball pty ltd

Beginner 1

Beginner 1 is their most popular course. It consist of 1.5 hours per week in the span of 6 weeks. In this course, no previous volleyball experience is necessary. They will teach you all the skills for 45 minutes and then you get to put into practice what you’ve learned in some informal, friendly and competitive games. This course is a great way to make new friends. It is guaranteed that you will have the tools to be able to play in a social competition after this course.

Beginner 2

Beginner 2 is the course to select if you have experience playing organized volleyball previously or have completed the Beginner 1 course. The course will start out as 4-a-side and aims to get you to play 2-a-side by the end of the course.


The Intermediate course requires that you have 1-2 years previous experience, or have finished both the Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 courses. This course focuses on 2×2 Beach Volleyball including all the tips, tricks and tactics you need to play basic 2-a-side games.

Beginner Mix

This course is a mix between Beginner 2 and Intermediate because it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the player’s experience level between Beginner 2 and Intermediate.


Squads is not a course but requires that you must have completed up to the intermediate level courses. It can be played by 6 to 8 players only for 1.5 hours of intense 2×2 skill repetition training. Joining Squads is the best way to accelerate your skills. Training is every week and ongoing until you think you are good enough. Most squads sign up for 10 weeks minimum.


The Juniors Course is for kids under 16. This course sees to it that your kids start on the right track with good technique instruction. Beachvolleyball Pty Ltd offers 20% students’ discount.


For adults, a 6-week course is $180. For juniors, a 6-week course is also $180 while a casual session of 1.5 hours per week costs $10 per session, and a 6-week Class’n’Comp is $120.

If you can’t commit to the whole 6 weeks, you can just let Beachvolleyball Pty Ltd know that you will miss a lesson. They have a ‘Make Up’ session in place so you don’t lose a session. For more information, visit the Beachvolleyball Pty Ltd website or their FB page.

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