Senston Badminton Set Review

senston badminton set

Senston Badminton Set Review

Looking for a badminton set for beginners and casual entertainment? Senston Badminton Set is perfect for you! The badminton set includes two (2) badminton bags, four (4) rackets, and four (4) nylon badminton shuttlecocks.

Senston X1100 Badminton Racket Parameter:

  • Weighs unstrung: 2U (90-95g)
  • Racket length is 675MMm (26.5 inches)
  • Balance point is at 288mm +or- 3mm from bottom of shaft
  • String tension: 20- 22lbs, suitable for beginners or casual play
  • Material: Alumium frame and carbon fiber shaft (durable and provide a better feeling)
  • Grip Size: G4


  • Color: Black/White/Pink/Green
  • Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds 


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Rackets are lightweight
  • Comfortable grip
  • It comes with the racket bag and easy to carry with a shoulder strap


  • Rackets are not for professional badminton
  • Paint chips fairly easily 
  • Net is not included in the set
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senston badminton set rackets

The Rackets are Made of High Quality Material

All rackets of Senston are made of carbon aluminum composite or carbon fiber making them with better strength and rigidity, sustainable for more string tension, and reducible to the risk of frame deformation.

Senston badminton racket set is made of carbon aluminum frame which enhances the strength of the racket and reduces the risk of frame deformation. The racket shaft is made of Graphite. The racket is very light with a weight unstrung of 90 grams.

ISO Square Frame

Made with high-tech frame design, these rackets enhance the defense and increase the effective range. The Isometric Square Head Shape has a more sweet spot than others and it has many advantages to increase the probability of a hit.

Unique Pyramid Frame

This unique pyramid frame rim design accords with air mechanics, minimize the resistance to swing. The frame allows for faster badminton speed during a hit and makes the badminton racket more durable.

One-piece & T-JOINT

The racket built-in one-piece design and T-joint technology have further improved the stability and help achieve high-precision control performance. This feature also avoids the deformation caused by playing badminton, makes the racket more stable, and facilitates play with unparalleled power.

This set is sold by a variety of combinations and is perfect for beginner and casual entertainment.

Here are some great customer reviews for the Senston Badminton Set:

“We are spending quarantine time using these every day. They are great for beginners. Very light weight. I love how they have different colors. Beautiful.”

“I would recommend this product. It’s a great product for the cost, and though some parts seem cheap it works great. The rackets are great, and the strings are extremely strong. The rackets are very light and weigh almost nothing. The handles have a good grip so you can swing as hard as you like without worrying about the racket flying out of your hand. The only drawback is that the paint chips off the rackets easily when they scrape the ground.

The case is quite durable and can hold up to a lot of use. The birdies are very bright so you can find them when they fall in bushes or trees. The box contains 4 birdies, 4 rackets, and 2 cases. Due to this, you can play 1 on 1 and bring 1 case or 2 on 2 and bring them both.

Some recommendations for this product are tape the edges of the rackets so the paint won’t chip. Another one is that you should buy a net with it or you might argue where the imaginary net is or how high it is.”

“Nice carrying cases, comfortable grip and seem to hit pretty well (for backyard recreation anyway). We’re really enjoying this as a quarantine activity — bought LED birdies so we can play at night too.
I would recommend.”

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