Top 5 Volleyball Ball Pumps

top 5 volleyball ball pumps

Top 5 Volleyball Ball Pumps

Got a deflated ball? Volleyball is really no fun with a flat ball. By taking into consideration quality, design, built, accuracy, compatibility, portability, efficiency, and cost, we’ve come up with a list of the top 5 volleyball ball pumps for you!

Our Top 5:

  1. Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit 
  2. REVIVL Ball Pump
  3. Valiant Sports Ball Pump Inflator  
  4. TorrX Smart Ball Pump
  5. eBall Ball Pump

Don’t let a deflated ball ruin your play! Check out our Top 5 Volleyball Ball Pumps:

Top 1: Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit


Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit is a complete pump kit that includes a 7.5” pump with a flexible extension hose, three (3) inflation needles, and an inflation gauge along with a carrying case to keep all components organized. It is ideal for pumping up all sizes of soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, playground balls, and other inflatables. This pump, however, is not recommended as a bicycle tire pump

 The heavy-duty pressure gauge measures psi to make sure you are inflating to the perfect pressure. This easy-to-use pump ensures that the proper air pressure meets your game day requirements. Keep this ball maintenance kit in your bag so the game never goes flat. With this ball maintenance kit, you have everything you need to keep your equipment inflated to the perfect level. Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit is a must-have accessory for any athlete.

Here is a great Amazon customer review for Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit:

“I bought this to keep my basketball (Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball, Official – Size 7) properly inflated at all times. A regulation NBA basketball must contain between 7 1/2 and 8 1/2 pounds of pressure per square inch, or PSI. This gauge measures pressure in lbs and kgs. Therefore, according to NBA regulations, you need to stick the needle in your ball and make sure it measures 8 psi on average.

I found this gauge to be very precise, easy to use, very convenient, and very cheap ($5.78 at the time of writing this review). First of all, it comes with three needles, which are all the needles you need every time you use this. Why? Because you need one needle for the pump, one needle for the gauge, and the other needle is used to release extra air from your ball. The plastic case is perfect to keep it all securely put away.

You won’t find anything better (maybe the same, but not better), and certainly not cheaper any place on planet earth. Therefore, if you need a ball maintenance kit, this is it!”

Top 2: REVIVL Ball Pump

REVIVL Ball Pump

The REVIVL Ball Pump is suitable for inflatables, volleyball, basketball, soccer, football, and any sports ball. What makes this pump stand out is its double-action functionality which allows for air to be pumped with both pushing and pulling actions. With this functionality, it will inflate your balls faster so you have more time to play. Its flexible hose reduces the potential strain and damage on the ball valve when pumping. The ball pump comes with a total of 5 USA size needles in case you need extra ones. A hose holding attachment is mounted on top of the pump, so you’ll never be looking for that missing needle again.

REVIVL Ball Pump’s compact size at just 6 inches long and weighing only 3 ounces, you can always bring it with you in your sports bag or carry anywhere. You never have to stress about having a ball with inadequate or no air with this very efficient ball pump.

Check out this positive Amazon customer review for REVIVL Ball Pump:

“I definitely had hesitation in purchasing this air pump for my soccer balls. The price was one factor and wondering if the reviews were just hype.

Get this pump. It’s fantastic- compact and efficient. Soccer ball was seriously under inflated and with 10 effortless pumps, it was perfect. A great pump to keep in a backpack if need be. Need to inflate travel pillows or cushions? Get this! No problem to add air to bicycles, small utility tires, small beach inflatables (comes with adapter to insert into inflatables to keep valve flap open). I’ll keep this in the car for all easy inflation needs. Really easy to use!”

Top 3: Valiant Sports Ball Pump Inflator

Valiant Sports Ball Pump Inflator

Valiant Sports Ball Pump Inflator is a two-way hand-held portable ball air pump that features a dual-action mechanism to make pumping easier and faster. It is ideal for sports netball, volleyball, soccer ball, water polo ball, rugby ball, football, and basketball. It can also be used to deflate balls. The pump’s handle and textured rubber body are designed for comfort to prevent slipping during ball inflation and deflation. It also features a soft needle plug that effectively prevents bending.

Valiant Sports Ball Pump Inflator comes with free nylon superior quality pouch with a zipper pocket to store four (4) extra replacement needles and keep all the components organized. The manufacturer offers a lifetime free replacement with guaranteed satisfaction.

Here is this very relatable Amazon customer review for Valiant Sports Ball Pump Inflator:

“So far, this ball pump has been working great. One of the best features of this product is the pouch that comes with it, as it has an extra little pocket to keep the ball needles in. For me, this additional feature, propels this product to the top of the line, as anyone with kids know, the ball inflation needles always seem to disappear or somehow the needles get feet and walk off.

Overall, it’s a great pump and the additional items & features make it a # 1 pick & a Great Value.”

Top 4: TorrX Smart Ball Pump

TorrX Smart Ball Pump

The TorrX Smart Ball Pump is a reliable, durable, and accurate ball pump with both auto and manual modes. In auto mode, this pump will accurately inflate or deflate to your target pressure. The pressure readings are displayed using high-quality LEDs that are clearly visible in bright sunlight. This hand-held pump also features an embedded machine learning capability which constantly enhances operating accuracy and speed. This pump is also designed to significantly reduce the possibility of needle breakage. It has a protective cap which secures needle if not in use.

TorrX Smart Ball Pump also comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and micro-USB charging cable. It can accurately top-up over 50+ balls on a charge. Designed to be portable and lightweight at only 1.26 pounds, you can easily store it safely in a backpack, glovebox, ball bag, or equipment kit. TorrX Smart Ball Pump is perfect for all sports balls – volleyball, soccer, football, basketball, rugby, Aussie rules, handball, water polo, and etc. It is unsurprising why it is used by professional, college, and youth sports programs around the world.

Check out this very comprehensive Amazon customer review for TorrX Smart Ball Pump:

“Skip ahead for the pump review – I have to start with the box! Honestly, the box is a serious work of art. From the form fitting plastic that cradles the pump, the articulated opening and the magnetic closure, to the graphics. My goodness, the graphics! Spectacular! You don’t want to miss this box!

Actually, I do want to miss the box. Q: How much of my purchase price is just the packaging? I have to believe the answer is “way too much!” I’d be happier with a cardboard box, a plastic bag to protect the pump, and some biodegradable filling to cushion the pump. A simple piece of paper with black lettering would be more than enough for the instructions on how to use it. This is an expensive product for what it does. A good percentage of the people who are likely to want it are probably, like me, scraping their pennies in order to buy it. To me, the packaging is a waste of my money.

Now the pump itself: It’s the answer to the question I’ve been asking air compressor salesmen for 15 years. Mine came mostly charged. I plugged it into my car and got some lunch, when I was finished it was fully charged. It was easy to set up, and use. I had 175 volleyballs to top up. Most needed to go from about 3.4psi to 4.4psi, some needed more are, a few needed less. The Torrx got through all 175 balls on a single charge, and the charge indicator never even flashed red. I’m pretty sure I could have done at least another 25, probably more. It’s much easier to use than my air compressor and probably a little faster. I do this 2-4 times/year so the Torrx will be worth the cost to me if it lasts a few years. It seems like it should.”

Top 5: eBall Ball Pump


The eBall Ball Pump is compatible with all athletic balls including basketball, soccer ball, football, rugby ball, volleyball, handball, kickball, speed bag, water polo ball, and all other inflatable sports balls. This ball pump is made of high quality, sturdy, and durable aluminum alloy and copper for longevity. It is made for quick and accurate inflation.  It features a specific pressure Gauge to ensure the exact psi/bar for every ball type. With its customized Air Release Valve, you can easily release air pressure to prevent over-inflation so you enjoy an accurate pressure control. The ball pump comes with 3 USA standard inflation pins and a 360° bendable hose which ensures the needle for safety. It is suitable for Pro league tournament use such as NBA, NCAA, WNBA, NFL, MLS, etc.

It also comes with a mini pouch so you can put this small mini hand pump set in your backpack or any other places as you need. Manually inflate your balls rapidly and accurately wherever you are with eBall Ball Pump.

Here are some amazing Amazon customer reviews for eBall Ball Pump:

“If you’re looking for a professional sports ball pump, this is it. Well made, and works perfectly. It comes in a very nice package with a pouch and all. The gauge is better than the one pictured, the actual one I got is more accurate.”

“Convenient size pump for storage and travel. The low pressure guage pump was exactly what I needed for all my kids sorts balls. Seems good quality, accurate, and easy to use. Good value for the money in my opinion.”

If you buy any of the Top 5 Volleyball Ball Pumps, you have everything you need to keep your volleyball game going!

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